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Framing Services

We offer many framing services and specialty items, some of which are highlighted for you below. For more information, visit our blog. If you have questions concerning services not listed, please feel free to call us at (216) 621-0178 or email us.

Framing Ideas

  • Leather Frames
  • Shell Frames

  • Conservation Framing

    This is the best option and treatment for an item being framed and features the use of acid free hinging, matting, backing boards, and ultraviolet filtering glass, for the protection of your piece. Conservation framing extends the beauty and integrity of the artwork into the future.

    Hand Carving

    Hand carving has been a unique specialty of The Bonfoey Gallery over our one hundred year history. We offer a selection of hand carved frames that can add a personalized, one of a kind, touch to a painting or print.

  • Splined Corner Framing
  • Branding Our Frames
  • Specialty Finishing

    We provide hand laid finishes such as gold leaf, white gold leaf, or gold metal leaf, and we can match any color, finish, or stain, to further customize your frame for a special look.

  • Gilding Technique
  • Object Framing

    The Bonfoey Gallery has framed many objects over the years - wedding dresses, kimonos, war medals, dance cards, even shackles, to name a few. As a result, we have much experience to guide us in knowing how to best protect and present three dimensional items. From a traditional gilded shadowbox frame to a contemporary plexibox, we offer many solutions for the framing of dimensional items.

  • Custom Mask Stands
  • Frame Restoration

    Our in-house facility enables our experienced staff to repair and restore antique frames that are in bad condition or have been damaged.

    Specialty Matting

    Many decorative matting options are available to you. These include French line mats that are hand lined and toned to match the artwork. Black glass mats are lacquered and leafed to provide a dramatic finish to the piece; and hand covered fabric mats of silk or linen for a rich, textured accent. We also offer an entire line of acid free, paper matting for the proper protection of your artwork.

    Metal Framing

    Metal mouldings can provide an affordable, contemporary looking alternative for artwork, posters, photos, or certificates. Much more is available than the standard gold or silver metal frames of the past. We carry an extensive line that features many different profiles and colors designed for today’s home or office.

    Specialized Items

  • Custom Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Custom Nameplates
  • Calligraphy Accents
  • Pedestals and Plexiboxes for Display
  • Picture Hooks
  • Contact us by calling (216) 621-0178 or email us to place an order.