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Disaster Services


The Bonfoey Gallery has provided fine art recovery services to the insurance community and its clients for over forty years. Our century old firm offers repair and restoration of a large variety of art items. We are highly experienced in the assessment of damaged artwork, repair and restoration of artwork items, and appraisal of pieces that have been destroyed. We are dedicated to helping our clients save their memories, heritage, and investments through the Five “R”s

  • Remove
  • Respond
  • Recommendations
  • Repair/Replace
  • Return

Once called, our focus is to go on site to assess and document the damage. This includes consulting with the client, assessing and prioritizing the artwork, and taking digital photos to detail the loss.

house fire

Remove:  It is important to get the items out of the damaged environment as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration. Our trained professionals arrive on site ready for artwork removal. We handle each piece with the expert care required to get it to our facility without further damage.

Respond: We react quickly to water, smoke, soot, and chemicals that are present when a loss occurs; we immediately triage and evaluate each item as it arrives in our facility. At this point, we take care of critical issues, such as, drying water damaged items, quarantine of moldy items, and taking paintings out of their frames to further evaluate the artwork.

Recommendations: After stabilization of all artwork we provide a written quote detailing what is necessary to bring the client’s artwork back to its original condition or as close to it as possible.

Repair/Replace: The repair of damage to an artwork consists of cleaning and restoration of the item, replacement of all paper components in the frame, if necessary, and cleaning or replacement of the frame. Our goal is to find the most cost effective procedure to return an item to its original condition or as near to it as possible. If a piece is deemed not repairable or replaceable, our appraiser can assess the current value based on USPAP standards.

Return:  Once the project has been completed we return your repaired restored items and install them in your home or office.


The Bonfoey Gallery has over one hundred years experience in art and frame restoration. Our specialists can restore, repair, and clean a variety of fine art items including oil paintings, works on paper, textiles, ceramics, porcelains, and metalwork. There is a range of restoration available from minimal touchup to museum quality. When assessing artwork, especially oil paintings, we can determine what level is necessary to keep the integrity of the piece. Our craftsmen have many years of experience in repairing and restoring antique or contemporary frames. We provide hand laid finishes of gold leaf, gold metal leaf, and aluminum silver leaf. We can match any color, finish, or stain.

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Our in-house facility enables our experienced staff to repair and restore frames that have been damaged or are in poor condition.

  • Frame reconstruction
  • Hand finishes in gold or metal leaf
  • Match any color or stained finish



Our specialists can restore, repair, and clean a variety of fine art items.

  • Paintings, frames, sculpture, works on paper, ceramics, and textiles
  • Replacement of photos and open edition artwork
  • From minimal touch-up and repair to work completed to the highest museum standards


Our staff can assist with any fire or flood damage that occurs to artwork.

  • Experienced in working with clients, insurance, and restoration companies
  • Timely written quotes
  • Insurance appraisals
  • Photo documentation of damage
  • Pick-up, delivery, and professional reinstallation