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Our History

The Bonfoey Gallery, established in 1893, is Cleveland’s premier contemporary art gallery and framing facility. A staple in the regional arts community for over 124 years; the gallery specializes in regional contemporary paintings, drawings, photographs, signed limited edition prints, sculpture, and glass works from some of the area’s most prominent artists. Bonfoey boasts an unparalleled roster of approximately 100 artists with a consignment inventory of over 2000 works. Bonfoey’s expansive framing department makes up approximately 60% of their 3 floor, 15,000 square foot, downtown facility. Richard G. Moore, current Owner and President, has been with the company since he was a teenager in 1955.

Asher D. Bonfoey created The Bonfoey Company in 1893 and opened for business on today’s East 9th Street in Cleveland. One of their early clients was John D. Rockefeller who later introduced Henry Ford to the burgeoning framer. In 1928 Bonfoey hired George R. Moore and started him in the front office as a sales person. Moore learned each facet of the company business, including frame making, as he was being groomed to be Asher’s successor. The Company was transferred to George in 1939. Though he instituted some change, such as expanding the company to sell prints and artwork in early 1953, Moore continued to maintain the Bonfoey policy of investing in the best framing materials and highest quality work. This mantra was passed down to Moore’s son Richard G. Moore who was named owner and President in 1973. To this day, The Bonfoey Gallery still makes hand carved frames and provides gold leafing and custom gilding in house.

As his father before him, Moore expanded the business even further by offering art restoration, art appraisals, storage, shipping, and installation to their already long list of services. By providing all these services under one roof, fantastic customer service, and through the strong leadership of Richard G. Moore, the gallery succeeds today. All this coupled with over a century of excellence makes The Bonfoey Gallery unique and valuable to Cleveland's downtown community.